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Biomedical Research

An International Journal of Medical Sciences

2020: Volume 31, Issue 6
Safety and efficacy of the honghuaruyi pill for relieving chronic pelvic pain: A multiple center and randomized controlled study.

Author(s): Yanxia Liu, Xin Xu, Jimaocairang, Zhongming Zhou, Bei Lv, Min Xia, Baoli Cao, Xinpei Zhang, Shuyan Ma, Zhe Jin

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Quantification of PCB in the serum of patients with breast cancer and its correlation in the soil of their place of residence.

Author(s): Sandra Isabel Hernández-González, José Luis Ortega-Sánchez, José de Jesús Alba-Romero, Rogelio Recio-Vega, Norma Urtiz-Estrada, Maribel Cervantes-Flores Aurora Martínez-Romero

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Introducing confusion technique as a novel method of effective teaching of chemistry of lipids to first year dental students.

Author(s): Ashok V. Shinde, Manjusha K. Borde

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Intratracheal administration of diesel exhaust particles causes male reproductive toxicity and enhances liver cytochrome P450 1A1 activity.

Author(s): Hiromi Izawa, Misato Fukuyama-Osawa

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A paradigm shift in the cost of illness of T2DM in south India: A prevalence based study.

Author(s): Usha S Adiga, Sachidanada Adiga

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Laboratory diagnosis of SARS COV-2: A mini review.

Author(s): Usha Adiga, Varashree BS

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Investigation on coupling between tectorial membrane mode and basilar membrane mode along cochlea.

Author(s): Kitamura T, Horii Y

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