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Introducing confusion technique as a novel method of effective teaching of chemistry of lipids to first year dental students.

Confusion technique is a game like teaching tool, which is used to achieve departmental as well as specific learning objectives. The technique helps to solve all the queries with an enjoyment. The purpose of this project was to introduce confusion technique as a novel method of teaching to improve learning experience of the students during lectures. The topic phospholipids were selected for first BDS students. Actual execution of the confusion technique was carried out in the classroom. The data was analyzed by using appropriate statistical test and value <0.05 was considered as statistically significant. In conclusion it is clear that, students greatly benefit from this new technique of teaching. Confusion technique stimulates students to think and write upon various aspects of a single topic taught. Students develop interest in study-matters with the use of such tools. Comfortable student-teacher rapport is developed and stress-free atmosphere is maintained in the class.

Author(s): Ashok V. Shinde, Manjusha K. Borde
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