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Biomedical Research

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Volume 34, Issue 4
Association of mammographic breast density with breast cancer and its common risk factors in Afghan women referring to French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children: A case-control study.

Author(s): Mursal Amini, Salma Rattani, Sayed Murtaza S Hofiani, Mer Mahmood Shah Hoshang

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Volume 33, Issue 9
Role of pharmacodynamic markers in monitoring tacrolimus activity in renal transplant patients: A systematic review

Author(s): Pingali Usha Rani, Mekala Padmaja, Gangadhar Taduri, Mohammed Abid Ali, Imran Khan

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Effect of Radiation on Hydroxyapatite-Chitosan-Gelatin-Agarose Scaffold for Bone Tissue Regeneration

Author(s): Md. Masud Rana, Md. Arifuzzaman, Md. Shamim Miah, Naznin Akhtar, Sikder M Asaduzzaman

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