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Biomedical Research

An International Journal of Medical Sciences

Red Cell Immunology and Genotyping
A comprehensive review on drug synergy prediction techniques

Author(s): Preeti karma, Harmeet Singh

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Review on SNARE proteins in cellular membrane trafficking

Author(s): Kiflay Mulugeta, Kbrom Gerezgiher, Maezu G/slassie

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Tibetan medicine RenQingMangJue capsule for COVID-19 Treatment

Author(s): Yu Wang, Guozhen Ma, Xudong Tian, Yibing Zhang, Xia Song, Zhiming Zhang

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Gestational trophoblastic tumors (GTT): management and experience of the FEZ-Maroc oncology department

Author(s): O.Zouiten, K.Oualla, Y.Elouai, K.Darif, L.Amaadour, Z.Benbrahim, S.Arifi, N.Mellas

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Sero-prevalence and immunological parameters of toxoplasmosis in women attending maternity teaching hospital in erbil city, northern Iraq

Author(s): Niyan Inaam Muhammed Yousif*, Hadi Mahdi Ahmad Alsakee

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