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Biomedical Research

An International Journal of Medical Sciences

2023: Volume 34, Issue 1
IL-17A promotes the malignant progression of colon cancer cells by activating JAK2/STAT3 signaling pathway.

Author(s): Hairong Zhou, Junbin Wang, Zhenyuan Gao, Xiao Wu, Yaping Wang, Lu Zhang

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Survey to assess knowledge and attitude of healthcare workers towards COVID-19 vaccination in a tertiary care hospital.

Author(s): Penugonda Sravanasandhya, Vuppalanchi Bhavani, Mekala Padmaja, Pingali Usha Rani

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Genetic influences of major lung diseases on lung cancer: A systematic and bioinformatics approach.

Author(s): Amina Rownaq, Shahinul Islam SM, Md Nurul Haque Mollah

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The Ï?-shaped reverse guidewire technique for extremely angulated bifurcation of severe left main disease.

Author(s): Nguyen Thuong Nghia*, Nguyen Hoang Tai My

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Accuracy and validation of self-reported visual acuity by smart phone peek acuity application.

Author(s): Talvir Sidhu, Mohit Goyal, Gurleen Kaur, Vishu Bansal, Kuldip Singh, Chiman Lal

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