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The Ï?-shaped reverse guidewire technique for extremely angulated bifurcation of severe left main disease.

We describe a clinical case of 51 year-old man with severe left main bifurcation lesion who had 90% stenosis of distal LM and 90% stenosis of the LAD ostium. The LAD take-off was highly angulated from the LM and a guidewire was very difficult to get into the vessel. For dealing with this rare situation, we used the new modified guidewire technique in which the guidewire was “ϕ”, so-called “ϕ-shape” reverse guidewire technique. This technique is considered to be a feasible method for treating extremely angulated bifurcation lesion of severe LM disease.

Author(s): Nguyen Thuong Nghia*, Nguyen Hoang Tai My
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