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Biomedical Research

An International Journal of Medical Sciences

2009: Volume 20, Issue 3
A Comparative Study of Serum Myeloperoxidase Activity in Type 2 Diabetes and Diabetic Nephropathy

Author(s): Kusuma KS, Vasudha KC, Vanitha Gowda MN

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Anterograde Synaptic Transport of Neuronal Tracer Enzyme (WGA-HRP): Further Studies with Rab3A-siRNA in Rats

Author(s): Yoshiki Takeuchi, Yoshiki Matsumoto, Takanori Miki, Toshifumi Yokoyama1, Katsuhiko Warita, Zhi-Yu Wang, Takashi Ueno, Tomiko Yakura, Mamoru Fujita

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Anti-proliferation Effect of Palm Oil γ-tocotrienol and α-tocopherol on Cervical Carcinoma and Hepatoma Cell Apoptosis

Author(s): Narimah AH Hasani, A. Ghapor MT1, Khalid BAK2, Wan Ngah WZ

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Biochemical Changes in Alcoholic Hepatitis with Phyllanthus Amarus Therapy: A Study

Author(s): Padmaja Nikam, Shashikant Nikam, Ajit Sontakke1, Chitra Khanwelkar

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Characteristics, Severity and Management of Insect-stung Patients

Author(s): Shirina Alsowaidi, Abdulrahman Mohamed, Roos Bernsen, Abdishakur M Abdulle, Abdulbari Bener

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Effect of Centella asiatica L. extract Against Ethinylestradiolinduced Genotoxic Damage on Cultured Human Lymphocytes

Author(s): Yasir Hasan Siddique, Tanveer Beg, Mohammad Afzal

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Gene Expression Profile in Leucocytes of Type 2 Diabetic Subjects

Author(s): S Kaviarasan, S Muniandy, R Qvist, IS Ismail

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Holoprosencephaly: A Rare Complication of Maternal Hypothyroidism

Author(s): Shailja Puri, Ashish Gupta, Natu SM, Shailendra Singh

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Interventional Role of Piperazine Citrate in Barium Chloride Induced Ventricular Arrhythmias in Anaesthetized Rats

Author(s): Ghasi S, Mbah AU, Nze PU1, Nwobodo E2, Ogbonna AO, Onuaguluchi G

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Menopausal Syndrome: Effect on Serum Lipid and Lipoprotein Profiles

Author(s): Ebele J. Ikekpeazu, Emeka E. Neboh, Ignatius C. Maduka, Fidelis E. Ejezie, Silas Ufelle

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Prescription Pattern of Fixed Dose Drug Combination in Tertiary Care Hospital: An Evaluation Study

Author(s): Eesha BR, Tara Shanbhag, Adiga MNS, Smitha Shenoy

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Prevalence and Clinical Aspects of Drug-induced Gingival Enlargement

Author(s): Syed S. Ahmed, Afshan Bey, Sarwat H. Hashmi, Shishir Yadav

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What does initiate parturition?

Author(s): Amar Chatterjee

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