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Characteristics, Severity and Management of Insect-stung Patients

We aim to assess the demographic, clinical manifestation and management of insect-stung patients. About 783 (46% male; 95% expatriate workers) records of Al-Ain hospital patients were analyzed. According to Muller classification, class I severity was common in the youngest age group. Majority (56.9%) of the subjects had class III severity. Multi-variate analysis confirmed that significantly less severe cases were present in the youngest age group (0-10 years) only (P less than 0.0005) and in male patients (P less than 0.0005). Anti-histamine and corticosteroids, but not epinephrine, were commonly administered. Where data was available (32.6%), the site of the sting was mostly on legs (16.6%). Insect stings were incompletely reported, often with severe symptoms (class III), and under-treated. The severity of allergic reactions was associated with older age and female gender. Emphasis on training of healthcare providers could potentially improve the current level of diagnosis and management.

Author(s): Shirina Alsowaidi, Abdulrahman Mohamed, Roos Bernsen, Abdishakur M Abdulle, Abdulbari Bener
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