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Use of application of navigation system to odontogenic benign tumors with maxilla.

Oral and maxillofacial region has a complicated anatomy with critical nerves and arteries inside. Therefore, oral surgeons sometimes do not have enough operative fields during surgeries and anatomic changes caused by tumors and fractures make the surgeries more difficult. The application of navigation system in oral surgery has started in such cases that tumors are close to cranial base and have risks to damage important anatomical structures like nerves and vessels. It can make doctors more confident with their operations and decrease operative risks, but the use is still limited because of several obstacles. In this context, we applied navigation system to the operations of removing recurrent ameloblastoma on sphenoid bone and myxoma. The surgeries we performed with navigation system were successful and we have not had any postoperative complications at all. This report presents to use navigation system to remove benign tumor that occurs in deep area of craniofacial bone completely in a minimally invasive way.

Author(s): Julia Koseki, Takahiro Abe, Yoshiyuki Miyamoto, Miki Kashiwagi, Makiko Ishibashi, Asako Taniguchi, Hideyuki Suenaga, Hiroyuki Abe, Masanobu Abe, Kazuto Hoshi
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