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The effect of Baicalein on the NF-κB/P65 expression in the peripheral blood of patients with diabetic nephropathy and in vitro

To investigated the effect of Baicalein on NF-κB/P65 expression in diabetic nephropathy (DN) patients and in vitro. 98 DN patients were randomly divided into two major groups, control group and treatment group. In treatment group, on the basis of basic treatment plus valsartan, and then administered orally baicalein aluminum capsule for 3 months. The serum levels of NF-κB/P65, TNF-α, urinary albumin excretion rate (UAER) and IL-8 were determined. Then the molecular mechanism of Baicalein on the expression of NF-κB/P65, TNF-α and IL-8 were studied. Human tubular epithelial HK2 cells were first exposed in high concentration of glucose for three weeks. Then the HK2 cells were treatment with various concentrations of Baicalein and NF-κB/P65 siRNA. Early apoptosis rate, gene expression and protein expression levels were determined via flow cytometry, RT-PCR and Western blotting, respectively. Gene interaction was detected by luciferase reporter gene assay. Our results indicated that Baicalein not only reduced the early apoptotic rate, but also inhibited the NF-κB/P65, TNF-α and IL-8 expression in the high glucose-damaged HK2 cells. Moreover, it up-regulated the miR-326 expression, which directly bind to the NF-κB/P65 3’UTR and played a negative regulatory role. This study provides a reference for the direction of the pharmacological mechanism of Baicalein in the treatment of DN patients.

Author(s): Mingzheng Yang, Lin Kan, Yingchun Zhu, Lianye Wu, Shoujun Bai, Fangfang Cha, Qing Wang
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