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The effect of 9-cis-retionic acid on expression of GRIM-1 in KM mouse bone cancer tissue

Interferon/retinoic acid combined with induction of apoptosis related genes (genes associated with retinoid-IFN-induced mortality and GRIMs) is a new apoptosis-related gene family, which is a group of novel cell death regulators with IFN-β combined RA induced expression. In this study, the effects of 9- cis-retinoic acid (RA) on expression of gene associated with retinoid-interferon mortality-1 (GRIM-1) in KM mouse bone cancer tissue were investigated. The transplantable models of bone cancer in KM mice were established to study inhibitory effects of 9-cis-RA against tumor. Immunohistochemical technique was used to analyze the expression of GRIM-1 in KM mouse cancer tissue. The results showed that 9- cis-RA was able to inhibit the growth of bone cancer on mouse at a dose of 650 mg/kg. The expression of GRIM-1 was declined in the mice treated with 9-cis-RA. 9-cis-RA has a significant antitumor effect in vitro. The mechanisms of 9-cis-RA on tumor might associate with down regulating expression of GRIM-1. There was no significant change in the transcriptional level of GRIM-1 in control bone tissue after 9-cis-RA treatment for 24 h. The transcription level of GRIM-1 in bone cancer tissues significantly increased.

Author(s): Xiang Bai, Yong Zhao, Yuan Zhang, Baoqing Yu, Jianming Huang
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