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Studies on the effect of lycored supplementation (Lycopene) on lipid per-oxidation and reduced glutathione in pregnancy induced hypertensive pa-tients

The evidence of oxidative stress in pregnancy induced hypertensive subjects in comparison with normal pregnant women and lycored ingested pregnancy induced hypertensive sub-jects was evaluated by measuring the malondialdehyde and reduced glutathione. The level of malondialdehyde in pregnancy induced hypertensive subjects was significantly increased (p<0.001) from 4.35±0.74 nmol/ml to 6.50±0.75 nmol/ml and the level of glutathione de-creased significantly (p<0.01)from 0.396±0.062 mg/ml to 0.283±0.0298mg/ml in pregnancy induced hypertensive subjects while the level of malondialdehyde in lycored ingested preg-nancy induced hypertension patients was significantly decreased (p<0.001) by 40% and the level of reduced glutathione significantly increased (p<0.001) by 33.92% as compared to pregnancy induced hypertensive patients. These observations suggesting that pregnancy in-duced hypertensive patients are more susceptible to oxidative stress / damage while lycored might have beneficial role for pregnancy induced hypertensive patients since the imbalance between oxidant: antioxidants had improved.

Author(s): Saveeta Aggarwal, Kuldip Singh,Madhu Nagpal,Amrit Kaur and Ahluwalia P
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