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Biomedical Research

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Stability of bovine serum albumin labelled by rhodamine B isothiocyanate

The aim of this study was to label Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) by Rhodamine B Isothiocyanate (RBITC) and test its stability in vivo. RBITC-BSA was labelled by the improved Marshall’s method, scanned at full wavelength, and the RBITC:BSA ratio was calculated. Blood and urine samples were obtained from rabbits injected with the RBITC-BSA complex and SDS-PAGE analysis was performed. Full wavelength scanning showed that the labelled RBITC-BSA complex possessed features of both RBITC and BSA, and the RBITC:BSA ratio was 1:80. Furthermore, the RBITC-BSA complex was stable in vivo. Thus, we developed a stable RBITC-BSA complex with high specificity and sensitivity, which could be used as a tracer molecule to study protein transportation and vascular permeability.

Author(s): Ting Yang, Dali Sun, Pengyuan Xu, Shumin Li, Yunyun Cen, Yijun Li, Qinwen Xu, Yanbo Sun, Weiming Li, Yueying Lin, Yuxing Qi, Xiongzhi Chen
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