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Biomedical Research

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Selection of optimum compression algorithms based on the characterization on feasibility for medical image

Image compression usually comprises of transformation and encoding. Application of different Combinations of these will enable us to find the optimum compression algorithm. In this paper, discrete wavelet transforms and many encoding techniques such as EZW, SPIHT, STW, WDR and ASWDR are used to compress the medical images. In order to evaluate its effectiveness, PSNR and CR are calculated. The optimum compression algorithm is selected based on a compromise between PSNR and CR. The CT images of lung are compressed in this work. To ensure the quality of the proposed algorithm, the feature extraction techniques, which are the pre-request of the classification algorithms, have been found out and the results reveal that the application of compression does not alter the characterization behavior of the medical images.

Author(s): S. Lalithakumari, R. Pandian, Jamuna Rani, D. Vinothkumar, Adeline Sneha, Amalarani. V, Bestley Joe
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