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Re-opening of Eustachain tube atrisia after radiotherapy in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Two case reports

Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC) is a highly happening disease. Eustachain tube atrisia after radiotherapy is easy to occur in NPC patients. This study presented 2 cases of re-opening of Eustschian tube atresia after radiotherapy for NPC patients. Two female cases (62 and 64 y old; receiving postradiothapy 6 and 20 y ago, respectively) were diagnosed with Eustachian tube pharyngeal orifice atrisia. The Eustachain tube atrisia was re-opened by laser. A plastic cum cone-shape top tube was inserted and pulled and pushed repeatedly for about 6 months. The patients were followed up over 12 months. After treatment, the opened roundness pharyngeal orifice was formed. The Valsava’s air-blowing was easy. All two cases had no reduced pharyngeal orifice in follow up, and they had no yet abnormal patency of Eustachian tube. The Eustachain tube atrisia after radiotherapy can be cured by using laser and inserting plastic cum cone-shape top tube with pulling and pushing repeatedly.

Author(s): Huagong Gao, Ding Li, Jun Tong, Wenwen Chen, Lijun Du, Liang Shan
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