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Polymeric nanoparticle based oral insulin delivery system

Diabetes is one of the most lethal silently killing diseases because of its massive prevalence and wide numbers of secondary effects. Insulin proves it as a game changer in the treatment of diabetes. Oral route would be most favourite for the administration of such medications as it is the most conventional and comfortable route, however, due to bioavailability consideration, insulin is administered through parenteral route. Oral absorption of insulin is restricted by various absorption, chemical and enzymatic barriers and provides a critical scientific challenge. In recent years polymer based nanoparticles are showing promising results for oral insulin delivery, though such formulations are not marketed yet, they are still under development. In this review we shall discuss about recent developments in nanoparticle based oral insulin drug delivery using various polymers like poly (lactide-co-glycolic acid), Polyurethane-Alginate, cashew gum etc.

Author(s): Rishab Roy Choudhury, Payel Mukherjee
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