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Noninvasive prenatal analysis by Multiplex fluorescent PCR of maternal plasma DNA.

The value of circulating fetal free DNA in maternal plasma for clinical applications was evaluated. The DNA template was extracted from 32 pregnant women and the whole blood samples isolated from the stated biological fathers were used to detect genotype. Using the nested polymerase chain reaction (PCR), the 130bp SRY gene-specific sequence and the 261bp ATL1 gene-specific sequence were amplified simultaneously. The results were confirmed after delivery. Multiplex PCR amplification at sixteen polymorphic short tandem repeat (STR) loci was also used to detect the fetal DNA in maternal plasma. The SRY genespecific nested PCR product was detected in 19 plasma samples obtained from pregnant women, deducing they bear the male fetus and the remaining pregnant women bear female. When compared with the birth outcome, one sample was false positive. The coincidence was 96.88%. Multiplex fluorescent PCR with 16 polymorphic short tandem repeats revealed the presence of fetal DNA in all cases. Circulating fetal DNA analysis can be used as a possible alternative tool in routine laboratory prenatal diagnosis in the near future. This assay provides a sensitive, accurate and efficient method for noninvasive prenatal genetic diagnosis.

Author(s): Tang Dong-ling, An Changqing Li Yan, Zhang pingan
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