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Effect of proton pump inhibitors on glucose tolerance among Type 1 diabetes mellitus: A clinical narrative review

Objective: This systemic review was aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of PPI in the treatment of DM
type 1 patients and other related risk factors.
Method: The review specifically focused on studies fulfilled the eligibility criteria; published in between
2016-2019 and should be written in the English language only. Primarily literature search focused on
original research article reported the objective data on PPIs use among T1DM patients. Articles were
searched in PubMed, Cochrane, Springer, and Science Direct. The search was limited to the English
language only.
Results: The results showed that the PPIs in combination with insulin achieved better clinical outcomes
than insulin users alone manifested by most of the gastrin and HbA1c results were achieved within the
targeted therapeutic range. The findings also showed that to have lower levels of HbA1c, anti-diabetic
medications should be used together with PPIs. Disregarding the way that exactly as expected, without
getting true significance beside the sulfonylureas gathering (in mix with or without metformin just as
thiazolidinedione) that got an abatement in HbA1c of 1.4% respect those patients who didn't consume a
Conclusion: It is found that long-term use of PPI developed somehow protection against diabetes than
patients who were not treated with PPI. It is suggested to have RCTs focused on the use of PPI to predict
HbA1c and FBS levels in patient with type 1 diabetes.

Author(s): Elshaeir NAF, Gillani SW, Ismail RMA, Ayash B, Al-Ani RAJ, Ali AME, Shenouda WWA
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