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Comparitive study of anti-ulcer activity of marketed preparations of Tinospora cardifolia (guduchi) and Glycerrhiza glabra (jyeshthmadh) with proton pump inhibitor (rabeprazole).

Peptic ulcer, most common disorder of the GIT has multifactorial causes in its pathophysiology and cannot achieve a complete eradication with a single drug hence search of drugs from various systems of medicines like ayurveda, siddha, unani is a common practice.

Ulcers were induced in 48 hours fasted albino rats by pylorus legations. In each induction procedure there were four groups namely control, positive control and two tests and each group containing four animals. In all four separate groups, the groups received oral administration of guduchi (Tinosporacardifolia) (1000 mg/ kg) and jyeshthmadh (Glycerriza glabra) (1000 mg/kg) prior to ulcer induction showed significant reduction in the occurrence of gastric ulcers as compared to control received distilled water and positive control group received Rabeprozole (500 mg/kg).Both test drugs showed significant reduction in gastric juice volume and total acidity as well as significant increase in gastric pH. When anti-ulcer activity of Jyeshthmadh and Guduchi was compared, guduchi showed more potency than jyeshthmadh.

These results emphasize on the need to diversify alternative therapeutic approaches pertaining to herbal medicine. Wherein a single easily available plant may provide answer to several therapeutic challenges as observed in antiulcer activity shown by guduchi and jyeshthmadh.

Author(s): Ghanshyam M Chavan, Akash S Jain, Hitendra S Chaudhari, Divakar R. Patil
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