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Biomedical Research

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Closed loop blood glucose control in diabetics

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder affecting millions of people worldwide. Especially, type-1 diabetics have required strict glycemic control. In this paper, close loop control system is designed to normalize the high blood glucose level for diabetes patients. Glucose-insulin dynamics in blood plasma are represented by Bergman minimal mathematical model which is used as base model. The dynamical variations between different and same individual poses a major challenge in designing of controller for biological systems. The contribution of this research work lies in designing a backstepping based nonlinear controller which perfectly deals with nonlinearities present in the system. In order to visualize the robust behavior, meal and exercise are added as a disturbance factor and controller effectively track the set point value of 70 mg/dL from an initial state of hyperglycemia. The control criteria imposed on the proposed controller are hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia.

Author(s): Faiz-Ul-Hassan, Muhammad Adil, Ali Khaqan, Sana Shuja, Moazzam Islam Tiwana, Qadeer-ul-Hassan, Shahzad Malik, Raja Ali Riaz
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