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Changes in the size of breast lesions during menstrual cycle observed by ultrasound: An initial study

Purpose: We aimed to evaluate changes in size of breast lesions during menstrual phases.

Material and Methods: In this prospective study, 46 women aged 18-35 years old who were referred to our radiology clinic for breast sonography and had cystic or solid breast lesions larger than 5 mm were enrolled to the study. Breast ultrasound (US) was performed at two different times; one within 5 days before and one within 5 days after menstrual bleeding. Anteroposterior and transverse length of the lesions were measured.

Results: In total, 145 breast lesions were detected by US. Of these lesions, 6 were visualized in premenstrual phase but were not observed in postmenstrual phase. 6 lesions different were not visualized in premenstrual, but were detected in postmenstrual phase. One hundred and twenty-three lesions were visualized by US both in luteal and follicular phases.

Conclusions: Timing of breast US might cause false results and unnecessary further investigations. Therefore, we suggest that breast US in women should be performed in follicular phase of the menstrual cycle.

Author(s): Emine Dagistan, Arzu Canan, Siddika Halicioglu, Zeliha Cosgun, Safiye Gurel
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