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Asymmetry in the weight and linear measurements of the bones of the lower limb

Though, there is a clear cut right dominance in the upper extremity, reports on lower extremity are ambiguous. The present study reports the side dominant pattern in the weight and length of 50 lower limb paired bones, collected from the skeletons of the eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar region. The bones were weighed in a single lot as well as separately. The length was measured on an osteometric board. In overall, there were higher incidences of heavier and longer bones on the right side, suggesting right dominance. The absolute weight and length of right extremity bones were also more. The tibia and fibula were best qualified as pointers towards right dominance in terms of both weight and length. There was higher incidence of heavier femur on the right side and longer femur on the left side, which was difficult to explain. The right dominance was considered a congenital phenomenon guided by contra lateral dominant left cerebral hemisphere.

Author(s): Gajendra Singh and Chhandamayee Mohanty
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