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Biomedical Research

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A study on performance and safety test of infusion pump devices

Nowadays, more than 10,000 different types of medical devices can be found in hospitals. About 80% of the patients receive intravenous (IV) therapy. Infusion devices are mainly used in clinical applications and patients’ homes to provide critical care, perioperative care and pain management. The fluids’ infusion uses a complex of designs which lead to the feed ability, hydrate, medicate or blood loss replacement and more rapid IV administration because it is pumped directly into the blood. The patients are normally in an intensive care situation and their life is directly dependent on the performance of a device. On the other hand, they are maybe unconscious, have impaired reactions, or have been made insensitive to pain. Therefore, they are exposed to hazards due to lack of information. During last five years, the FDA has received many reports of adverse events regarding the use of infusion pumps. The reports have stated serious injuries and hundreds of deaths. So, the reliability of infusion pumps is a matter of importance and it must be regularly the performance and safety of these devices verified at least annually by using adequate analyzer via expert persons.

Author(s): Tavakoli Golpaygani A, Movahedi MM, Reza M, Hassani K
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