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A novel technique for forearm blood vein detection and enhancement

In this paper, an efficient method for enhancement of blood vein on the forearm is devised with the help of contrast limited adaptive histogram equalisation (CLAHE) and Gabor filtering along other image processing techniques. The image captured in near-infrared region is converted into grey scale and made to undergo CLAHE twice to achieve an amplification limited contrast enhancement of all the objects in the image. Blood-vein textural features are enhanced using the efficient Gabor filtering method and the blood vein is extracted from the image using Otsu’s thresholding method. Erosion is performed for better accuracy of vein segments identified, and region of interest (ROI) is identified to increase the efficiency of the blood-vein detection.

Author(s): Manu Francis, Akhil Jose, Glan Devadhas G, Avinashe KK
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