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Biomedical Research

An International Journal of Medical Sciences


A novel privacy preserving visual cryptography based scheme for telemedicine applications

With huge quantity of patient’s medical images to be shared between specialists and clinics for improving medical diagnosis, need for privacy protection of patient details has increased. To achieve this, care must be taken that during reception, image quality must be preserved and retrieved image should be error free. In this paper, a unique concept of tiling has been used on image patterns using visual cryptography to achieve privacy preservation. The medical image is partitioned into frames using the concept of rhombus and in the deformed image tiles are formed within the different partitions, which are transmitted along with encrypted stegano-tiles. The reconstruction of original image is obtained by stacking the tiles and this error free methods performance is tested using multi scale structural similarity index and CUDA enabled GPUs.

Author(s): Hare Ram Sah, G. Gunasekaran, Latha Parthiban
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