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Biomedical Research

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A novel approach-foot tumour detection algorithm using watershed and thresholding based segmentation.

Detection of foot tumour has always been a little tedious as it is generally confounded with other diseases of the foot. Hence, the method of detecting foot tumour is of utmost importance. Though image processing techniques have replaced the original biopsy method, these classical methods are still attributed to a few drawbacks. In this paper we have proposed an efficient methodology which extracts the image and converts an input color image to YcBcRc components and each component of YcBcRc component are extracted separately to detect the exact size and location of tumour region in the foot using threshold and watershed segmentation algorithms by applying morphological operators. After the scanned MRI is enhanced using segmentation, the tumour can be detected effectively.

Author(s): Ashok Kumar VD, Subedha V
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