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A non-invasive computer aided diagnosis of osteoarthritis from digital x-ray images

Computer aided method is becoming the popular tool in the diagnosis of various disease. These tools provide an error free and simplistic diagnostic procedure. This paper discusses the computer aided tool developed for the diagnosis of bone disorders caused by Osteoarthritis. The methodology involves the feature extraction from the Region of Interest (ROI) and classification of those features. Haralick feature extraction technique and Support Vector Machine classifier (SVM) with the kernel functions are used for the development of the algorithm. The algorithm is tested with the various combinations of Haralick features and kernel functions.130 digital X-ray images of knee joints are used for testing the developed algorithm. This methodology produced a successful classification rate of 99 percentage in the diagnosis of skeletal disorders caused by Osteoarthritis.

Author(s): Subramoniam, Barani, Rajini
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