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Biomedical Research

An International Journal of Medical Sciences

2020: Volume 31, Issue 1
GC-MS analysis and pharmacological potentials of Neurada procumbens.

Author(s): Muhammad Munawar Hayat, Muhammad Uzair

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The changes in some inflammatory markers and biochemical aspects during smoking in males

Author(s): Ahmed Farhan Shallal

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Association of ANXA1 and microRNA gene expression with cancer metastasis: A systematic review.

Author(s): Chaoyang Xu, Liming Huang, Songxiang Wang

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Effect of different types of anticoagulants and storage period on the erythrocyte sedimentation rate in healthy and unhealthy people.

Author(s): Ahmed Farhan Shallal, Zana Hassan Ibrahim, Ramiar Kheder, Safin Hassan Hussein, Shawqi Mahmmad Hassan, Omar Anaam Khalil

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A comparative study of application of different non-conventional filters on electroencephalogram.

Author(s): Gauri Shanker Gupta, Maanvi Bhatnagar, Shikhar Kumar, Rakesh Kumar Sinha

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