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Wearable pain free heart arrhythmia detector module-A self analyst

The wide range of increasing global warming makes the human being to lead unpredictable life style. Self-monitoring of life care is not an easy task for individual due to machine life style this leads unwanted human life death. Many researchers are involved to develop a pain free module this is one of among them. This paper proposes a wearable pain free heart arrhythmia detector module built with PIC microcontroller and to minimize the cost factor too. To overcome complexity the heart arrhythmia system, the proposed module has many features like easy wearable, pain free, no need of taking blood sample and less time consuming. The proposed module can able to monitor beat to beat interval series and obtain the result form Ballistocardiographi (BCG) signal and we can able to record the heart arrhythmia during sleeping and unconscious patients. Our results suggest it is a reliable module and it will assist the individual and clinician for easy heart arrhythmia detection.

Author(s): V Nandagopal, C Kannan, V Maheswari, GK Sathish Kumar
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