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Views on pediatric migraine of classification and traditional Chinese medicine treatment

In 2004, the International Headache Society (IHS) published the 2nd edition of International Classification of Headache Disorders, which is of significant meaning for the diagnosis of migraine in children, including 1.3 childhood periodic syndromes that are commonly precursors of migraine". Based on 43 years from Professor Chen Bao-tian who invented the national renowned headache pills “Zhengtian Pill”, he realized that there are three types of among the pediatric migraine cases in our country: I complete type, the “childhood periodic syndromes that are commonly precursors of migraine” listed in ICHD-II. Since there is completely no symptom of headache, it is called the complete type, which could be further subdivided into several derivative types including vomiting type, abdominal pain type, vertigo type etc; II incomplete type, which is between the complete type and adult type, manifested as prodromal syndromes associated with episodic headache; III adult type, which is called the adult type since its manifestation is identical with the migraine in adult cases. Based years practices and experiences, Chen found that the classification and traditional Chinese medicine of pediatric migraine should be completely consistent with the adult migraine. Several representative examples were listed in the article in order to arouse people pay attention to the pediatric migraine.

Author(s): Wu Zhi-yong, Wei Zhen-quan, Mo Sun-lian, Luo wen-ting, Bao-tian Chen, Nie Ling-hui, Ge Xinyu
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