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Biomedical Research

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Vascular Foramina of Scaphoid and its Clinical Implications

The nutrient vascular foramina of scaphoid bone were observed and clinical interpretations were discussed. The 220 dry scaphoid bones of adult age group were studied. The vascular foramina distal to mid of waist were 1 to 2 in 17.72 % specimen and rest of 82.28% bones had more then 2 foramina. There was no scaphoid without vascular foramina distal to mid of waist of scaphoid. But the proximal part to mid of waist of scaphoid are without vascular foramina in 6% cases, one vascular foramina in32.72% and more than one in 61.28% cases. These observations suggested more blood flow in the proximal part of scaphoid bone in comparison of other studies. Author(s): P.P Dubey, Navneet Kumar Chauhan, M.S. Siddiqui
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