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Vascular complications in two kidney allograft recipients secondary to different fungal infections from the same donor: A case report

Donor-derived fungal infection is a significant complication in renal transplant recipients that can be associated with serious and sometimes deadly consequences. This article reports two patients who develop severe vascular complications secondary to different fungal infections from the same donor. One patient is diagnosed with renal artery aneurysm that is caused by Candida parapsilosis, and the graft has to be removed. The other patient has developed renal arterial rupture that is attributed to Cryptococcus. Although the affected renal artery is excised and the remaining artery is anastomosed, the function of the graft is not restored. Early recognition and prompt management of vascular complications caused by fungal infections are crucial for favorable outcomes.

Author(s): Gongbin Lan, Decheng Deng, Xubiao Xie, Chunhua Fang, Lei Liu, Helong Dai, Longkai Peng
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