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Value of conventional MRI and susceptibility weighted imaging in diagnosis of cerebral microbleeds

Objective: To investigate the value of conventional MRI and susceptibility weighted imaging sequences in the diagnosis of cerebral microbleeds.

Methods: A total of 160 patients with cerebral microbleeds treated in our hospital from July 2015 to July 2017 were selected as the objects. They were divided into study group (n=80) and control group (n=80) according to randomized picking method in which the control group received routine MRI detection and the study group were examined with susceptibility weighted imaging followed by comparison of examination results in between.

Results: Detection rate was 96.3% in the study group and 81.3% in the control group with significant difference in between, P<0.05. SWI examination showed the foci form of cerebral microbleeds round, round-like, patches strip, ring and punctiform shape.

Conclusion: The examination of susceptibility weighted imaging can significantly enhance the detection rate in patients with cerebral microbleeds and enables to analyse the lesions in detail, thus worthy of clinical reference and popularization.

Author(s): Dongmei Zhang, Liping Xu, Aidong Ma, Zhenbin Cao
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