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Validity of the sports emotional intelligence scale among taekwondo players

The purpose of this study was to explore the factor structure of the Sports Emotional Intelligence Scale to develop a revised scale of sports emotional intelligence using a sample of taekwondo players by analyzing its validity and reliability. Before administering the Sports Emotional Intelligence Scale, translation/back-translation procedures and content validity checks were done to assess its cultural appropriateness for use in the Korean context. Data were collected (N=923) by random sampling. These data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, comprehensive exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, and the measurement invariance test. The significance level was set at .05. The factor structure of the Sports Emotional Intelligence Scale revealed four factors (appraisal of others emotions, social skills, utilization of emotion, and appraisal of own emotions) and thirteen items. The model’s fit satisfied the criteria for acceptability, and the factor showed satisfactory/good convergent and discriminant validity. The validity of the Sports Emotional Intelligence Scale was adequate, and the measurement invariance test by gender showed that there was a cross validation. The scope of research investigations on emotional intelligence should be broadened to include athletes from other sporting events to examine the role of emotional intelligence in the performance of athletes in various competitive situations.

Author(s): Kuam Hyung, Jung-Hoon Nam, Jong-Hwan Park, Sun-Kyoung Lee
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