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Vaginal delivery in large cephaloceles with good perinatal out-come (two case reports)

One may encounter Cephaloceles at term or in labour especially in developing countries where a second trimester USG is not feasible for most of the women. Two such cases are re-ported here. Diagnostic difficulties were encounterd in both cases. In the second case the Ul-trasonographic picture resembled that of a cystic hygroma. In both cases the cephalocele was the leading part during labour and as the cephalocele was very large rupture was pre-vented by careful cephalocentesis in the first case. As the prognosis was guarded and chro-mosomal anomalies could not be ruled out, vaginal delivery was undertaken. As there is controversy regarding the mode of delivery in literature, the outcome of vaginal delivery in these two cases is reported

Author(s): Papa Dasari
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