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Using CD133 stem cells to therapy the erectile dysfunction (ED) by corpus cavernosum angiography surgery

This study reports the treatment effect of CD133 stem cell transplantation using a corpus cavernosum angiographic surgical technique. We recruited 17 volunteers with Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The umbilical cord and peripheral blood stem cells were simultaneously isolated and collected. The peripheral blood stem cells were collected from the patient’s biological progeny by mobilization with granulocyte factor. The umbilical cord blood stem cells were collected fresh during the puerperium and shown to be free of blood borne infectious diseases. Then, the mixture of stem cells was transplanted during corpus cavernosum angiographic surgery. All patients who underwent penis vein surgery were followed for 1 year and the changes in clinical symptoms and biochemical indicators were analysed. Seventeen patients with ED were in good health and had a normal sexual life without abnormal reactions or exacerbations. The IIEF-5 scores were>14. This study provided a new method to treat ED with CD133 stem cells, with accurate tissues medical treatment.

Author(s): Kaifeng Liu, Hongtao Yu, Chenwang Zhang, Chunhui Zhu
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