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Used CD133+ stem cells transplantation to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) by corpus cavernsum angiography for animal model

This study reported the method of stem cells transplantation through corpus cavernosum angiography surgery, to treat the animal model erectile dysfunction (ED), which constructed by high fat food for eight month. The used formula was mixture of umbilical cord blood stem cells and peripheral blood stem cells from animal. It transplanted that mixture cells by corpus cavernosum angiography surgery technique. After the first phase of surgery, transplantated with CD133+ mixture stem cells via penis vein once. The ICP was an effect evaluation method of the erectile response. Taken ICP detection for them, once three months. There was a process of slowly rising of the scores. Furthermore, there were significant differences in blood citrulline level between before and after transplantation (F=5.36, P=0.004) by analysis of variance. Observed the animal condition of clinical symptoms and laboratory indexes for 6 months. 6 SD rats of ED were in good health, without abnormal reaction or exacerbations. That approach had certain curative effect. It might be a promising approach to repair penile vascular endothelial cells and improve citrulline andnitric oxide cycle.

Author(s): Xi-Luan She, Xing-Cheng Gao, Guo-Zhi Zhao, Ping Liu, Chen Xiong
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