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Turkish reliability of the vulnerable elderly survey-13

Objective: Our aim was to adapt for Turkish and perform the reliability study of the vulnerable elderly survey-13.

Material and Methods: VES-13 was translated to Turkish by three researchers and a consensus meeting was held after the translation process. Turkish text on which the researchers agreed was translated into English by an independent professional translator. As a result of this process, the researchers obtained the final version on which they agreed and the accuracy of which was proved by back translation.

Results: The questionnaire was administered to patients above 71 y presenting to Family Medicine clinic. Total of 95 patients (39 male 56 female, with an average age of 80.65 ± 5.27 y) took part in this study. Turkish version of the questionnaire was found to be quite reliable (Cronbach’s alpha 0.857).

Conclusion: Turkish version of the vulnerable elderly survey-13 is quite reliable. We believe that this questionnaire may be used for objective assessment of diagnosing frailty, evaluating its severity and its follow-up in clinical practice.

Author(s): Burcu Kokoglu, Yunus Emre Sari, Huseyin Balcioglu, Ugur Bilge, Ertugrul Colak, Ilhami Unluoglu
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