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Treatment of bone and joint injuries in athletes

In recent years, the development of competitive sports in China has entered a new stage of historical development. In order to achieve better competitive results, athletes have to increase the intensity of training and technical difficulties, which inevitably causes all kinds of sports injuries. In these injuries, the greatest impact on athletic athletes is bone and joint injury. In the existing clinical studies, there are few studies on cartilage injuries of bone and joint. The patients with joint pain were treated by micro fracture in a hospital of Beijing during January 2016-December 2016, in which a total of 76 patients were screened. The effect of micro fracture in the treatment of cartilage injuries was judged through Tegner exercise rating and the preoperative and postoperative comparative analysis of clinical symptoms. The results show that the treatment effect of micro fracture surgery on athletes’ bone and joint cartilage injuries is obvious, which can be applied in specific clinical practice.

Author(s): Sun Peng, Liu Xiaohai
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