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TNFAIP8 protein expression in pancreatic associated diseases and its effect on the apoptosis and invasion of human pancreatic cancer PANC-1 cells

Objective: To observe the expression in tissue of pancreatic related diseases, and to investigate the effect of TNFAIP8 on the apoptosis and invasion of pancreatic cancer PANC-1 cell.

Methods: RT-PCR method for detection of TNFAIP8 expression in normal pancreatic tissue, pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer tissues; electroporation transfection method of transfecting TNFAIP8 siRNA into PANC-1 cells, Western blot method for the expression of TNFAIP8 in PANC-1 cells after TNFAIP8 siRNA transfected; flow cytometry and Transwell to detect the apoptosis and invasion ability changes of PANC-1 cells after silencing TNFAIP8.

Results: The expression level of TNFAIP8 in pancreatic cancer tissues was (2.83 ± 0.38), which was significantly higher than that of normal pancreatic tissue (0.98 ± 0.12) and pancreatitis (1.26 ± 0.28) (P<0.01); after using RNA interference method to silence TNFAIP8 expression level in PANC-1 cells of pancreatic cancer, apoptosis level of PANC-1 cell increased from (5.83 ± 1.54%) to (28.92 ± 6.29%) (P<0.01), and the invasive ability of PANC-1 cells was significantly decreased (P<0.01).

Conclusion: High expression of TNFAIP8 in pancreatic cancer tissues may promote the invasiveness of pancreatic cancer cell and inhibit the apoptosis of pancreatic cancer cells, involving in the occurrence and development of pancreatic cancer.

Author(s): Xiaotao Wang, Jianli Chen, Shengwei Lu, Changyou Wang, Yongkui Zhao, Wenbin Cao, Guanghua Yang, Mingxin Cui, Guozhi Zhang
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