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Therapeutic and immunological effects of strawberry extracts in hepatic rats: a biological investigation.

Background: This study was aimed to determine the effects of different levels of strawberry extracts on biochemical and immunological changes of infected mice liver.

Methods: The study used (20) white Albino rats and were divided into two main groups first set of mice infected with hepatitis Second group of negative control, a non-mice group infected and was then the first and second main group. The selected groups were fed with different concentrations of strawberry extracts 5%, 10%, 15% and one group positive control infected with the disease which does not feed on the experimental diet and another negative control non-infected. The mice were then injected with carbon tetrachloride twice a week for two weeks.

Results: The present results demonstrated the best treatments in the level of total cholesterol and triglycerides and LDL appeared in the experimental diet groups, 10% and 15% of strawberry extracts and also showed the immunological results significantly differ in each experimental diet groups when compared to the negative control groups.

Rationale: These results recommend the hepatic patients to add strawberry extracts in their diet because it contains useful components.

Author(s): Magbolah Salem Helal Alzahrani
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