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The value of combined detection of serum gastrin-17 and pepsinogen in the early screening of gastric cancer

Objective: To investigate change of pepsinogen I (PG I), pepsinogen II (PG II) and gastrin-17 (G-17) in different gastric diseases and to determine the value of PG and G-17 in screening and diagnosis of early gastric cancer.

Methods: All patients were divided into 5 groups, non-gastric atrophy group, gastric atrophy (GA) group, peptic ulcer group, non-early gastric cancer group, early gastric cancer group. 90 healthy individuals were recruited as the control group. Using Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) to determine expression of PG I, PG II and G-17 in difference groups of patients. ROC curve was used to determine the diagnostic value of PG I, PG II, G-17 and PRG. The value of PG I, PG II and G-17 in screening and diagnosis of gastric cancer was analyzed through statistical methods.

Results: Results showed that expression of G-17 and PG I all showed significant difference compared with the control group, P<0.05. Among the indexes, G-17 showed highest specification and sensitivity. However expression of PG II and the ratio of PG I/PG II (PRG) were not significantly different from the control group. All G-17 and PG II showed good sensitivity and specificity in the gastric cancer group. However PRG and PG I showed lower sensitivity and specificity compared with other markers. In early gastric cancer group, G-17 demonstrated high sensibility and specificity which were significant higher than other indexes. Combination of G-17 and PRG showed significant high sensitivity and accuracy in screening of gastric cancer which could enhance the sensitivity to 96.2%.

Conclusion: G-17 and PG can be potent markers in screen of diagnosis of gastric cancer, especially for early cancer. G-17 combined with PG can improve the sensitivity and accuracy of the diagnosis of gastric cancer.

Author(s): Gang Wu, Lin Chen, Changjie Zhao, Mingbing Xiao
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