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The use of prophylactic antibiotics in transcatheter therapy during perioperative period of congenital heart disease in childhood

It is aimed to explore whether the Catheter-Related Infection (CRI) related transcatheter therapy of congenital heart disease in childhood. A total number of 616 cases children with congenital heart disease interventional operation were performed and the intravascular catheters were removed immediately after the operation. Postoperative body temperature, leukocyte count, CRP and clinical symptoms were observed and blood of suspected cases of infection was cultured. Short-term use of corticosteroids was used according to the patients’ conditions for arrhythmia after ventricular septal defect interventional closure. The postoperative fever occurred in 55 cases, among which 37 cases were diagnosed as nosocomial infection. There were no signs of systemic and puncture site infection, fever due to dehydration, allergic reactions, traumatic stress found in the remaining 18 cases. After the children were performed with congenital heart disease transcatheter surgery, the CRI incidence is very low, and the exit-site infection is relative common.

Author(s): Tao Wang, Yimin Hua, Kaiyu Zhou, Chaomin Wan, Chuan Wang, Yibin Wang, Lina Qiao
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