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The role of neutrophils/lymphocyte ratio, platelet/lymphocyte ratio and platelet distribution width values in acute appendicitis diseases

Objective: Laboratory parameters like NLR, PLR and PDW via using Alvarado scoring we aimed to predict and question the valuability these in the acute appendicitis diagnosis and acute appendicitis pathological subtype.

Materials and Methods: Between January 2013 and June 2015, 455 patients that their acute appendicitis diagnosis has been identified as a result of the pathological report and taken to operation with the suspicion of acute appendicitis and applied to Dicle University Medical Faculty. 114 patients that apply to our emergency service with other complaints excluding abdominal pain and who do not possess acute appendicitis have been registered as the control group. Regarding the NLR. PLR and PDW value both patient and control groups and patient group subtypes have been compared among each other.

Results: In our patient group according to the control group WBC, neutrophil, NLR and PLR average values have been considered significantly high. Lymphocyte and PDW average values in the control group according to the patient group were significantly high. When compared regarding acute appendicitis types and control group NLR and PLR average values: in the perforated appendicitis group, when compared with both the control group and the other two appendicitis types a significantly high values have been detected.

Conclusion: We will consider NLR, PLR and PDW values significant to diagnose acute appendicitis and to predict NLR and PLR value’s acute appendicitis pathological subtype.

Author(s): Ustundag Mehmet, Kara Ertugrul1, Orak Murat, Bahadir Mehmet Veysi, Guloglu Cahfer
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