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Biomedical Research

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The role of brain-gut peptides in mood disorders

Recently, robust evidences have shown that brain-gut peptides play important role in mood disorders. However, the specific role of brain-gut peptides in mood disorders remains unclear. Therefore, the present review was aimed to summarize the recent advance of brain-gut peptides in mood disorders, mainly cyclothymic disorders and depressive disorders, in which dozens of brain gut peptides including cholecystokinin, ghrelin, substance P, neuropeptide Y, melatonin and opioid peptide which have been widely identified and characterized in central nervous system. We focused on the effects of these peptides in mood disorders. It may be helpful to clarify the precise mechanism of these brain-gut peptides in mood disorders.

Author(s): Ming Li, Wei Yang, Qianqian Ma, Nandhini Gopal, Bingjin Li
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