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The relationship between high HDL levels and certain metabolic and anthropometric variables

There is a common opinion that a higher level of HDL is better. It is reported that HDL particle involved significant defects in Turkish adults. We aimed to determine whether there was a relationship between high levels of HDL and certain metabolic and anthropometric variables. In the present study, patients ≥ 18 years of age who had HDL levels >60 mg/dl were the target group of the study. Randomly selected 259 patients were retrospectively evaluated. Patient files in archives were analyzed. Patients with high levels of HDL were predominantly female (89.2%). Mean HDL level was 69.6 ± 8.8 mg/dL. More than half of the patients were not diabetic (51.9%); however, 50.8% had a family history of diabetes mellitus. The mean HDL value of non-smokers was higher (p=0.03). Parameters were compared according to the gender, males were found to be older than females (p=0.02) and taller (p<0.001). There was a negative and weak correlation between triglyceride and HDL (r=-0.166) (p=0.01). There was no relationship between gender and anthropometric measurements and HDL. In non-smoking participants, HDL levels were higher than the smokers. Simple linear regression model for triglyceride might be acceptable as a good model in the prediction of HDL value.

Author(s): Onur Ozturk, Bahadir Yazicioglu, Sadik Kesmer
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