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The relationship between IL-17 gene polymorphism and osteoporosis in postmenopausal women: A meta-analysis

Objective: To investigate the relationship between Interleukin -17 (IL-17) gene polymorphism and Osteoporosis (OP) in postmenopausal women.

Methods: The domestic and foreign related research (Before June 2017) published IL-17 gene polymorphism and postmenopausal osteoporosis were given searching. All the literature was given meta-analysis, and were calculated the index for the literature merge effect.

Results: A total of 10 case-control studies discovered, the comparisons of IL-17 C2/2, C4/4, C2/3, C2/4 genotype and C2 allele between the post-menopausal OP group and control group showed no significant heterogeneity (χ2=1.294, 0.873, 0.911, 1.004 respectively, all P>0.05), and the comparisons of IL-17 C3/3, C3/4 genotypes and C2, C3, C4 in different studies had significant heterogeneity (χ2=6.954, 5.211, 8.144, 6.104, 4.209, all P<0.05). Odd Ratios (OR) of IL-17 C2/2, C3/3, C4/4, C2/3, C2/4, C3/4 genotypes in post-menopausal OP group were 0.855, 0.554, 2.721, 0.816, 1.793 and 2.330 respectively. Fix effect model and random effect model showed that the data of IL-17 genotypes and alleles distribution in post-menopausal OP patients were in accordance with OR and its P value.

Conclusion: The IL-17 C2/4, C4/4 C 3/4 genotypes and C4 allele may be susceptible genetic risk factors for postmenopausal OP.

Author(s): Jiefu Song, Zhizhen Jin, Feng Chang, Lijun Li, Yunxing Su
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