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The ratio of platelet/lymphocyte, the ratio of neutrophil/lymphocyte and some haemogram parameters related to thrombosis in essential thrombocytosis and polycythaemia vera

Background: It is known that chronic inflammation plays a role in the mechanisms of thrombosis in PV and ET. The NLR and PLR are chronic inflammatory markers. This study aimed to investigate the relation between NLR, PLR and some hemogram parameters with thrombosis in PV and ET.

Methods: Patient samples were put into in Etilendiamin Tetraasetik Asit (EDTA) tubes and were analyzed on the same day in the CELL-DYN3700SL (United States) device. For evaluating the data statistically, the IBM Statistics15.0 (SPSS) statistic package software was used.

Result: A total of 70 patient [26 Prior Thrombosis Event (+) and 44 Prior Thrombosis Event (-)] participated in our study. There was no statistically significant difference in NLR, PLR between patients with and without thrombosis history was determined (p=0,472, p=0,137).

Conclusion: This study supports that no relationship between levels of NLR, PLR and thrombosis complications in PV and ET. To our knowledge, our study is the first in literature that evaluates the relation between NLR, PLR and thrombosis in PV and ET.

Author(s): Mehmet Zahid Kocak, Mehmet Dagli, Ali Ünlü
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