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Biomedical Research

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The radiology and cerebral vascular insufficiency subject-A case report and literature review

Magnetic Resonance (MR) uses many exam of medical image field. In this case report, we found an interesting case. We did not call it as patient because she did not present any symptoms, thus we call it as subject. Natural cerebral vascular deficiency was seldom to be reported due to subject does not present any obvious symptoms when subject is health or young. Hope that this case report would increase we know more about the congenital part cerebral vascular deficiency. A 36 y old female, who come to our hospital for advanced medical health examination. On the regular radiology exam, the MRI showed she has a congenital part cerebral vascular deficiency on December in 2013. In general, main cerebral artery deficiency would cause some impact on physiological, however, its seemly does not affect her in daily or intelligent working, or we still not know would it affect to human. This case report showed a young women persistent hypoglossal artery was missing. We should continuous follow the subject by regular medical health examination. For her, we can prevent further congenital caused injuries. It also added a rare case of Taiwanese in medical imaging academic field.

Author(s): Kuan-Yung Chen, Tsung-Fu Yu, Hua-Tzu Huang
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