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The inhibitory effect of β-elemene alone or combined with chemotherapy on diffuse large B cell lymphoma cell strain OCI-LY8 in vitro

Objective: To investigate the inhibitory effect of β-Elemene alone or combined with chemotherapy drugs on diffuse large B cell lymphoma cell strain OCI-LY8 in vitro.

Methods: The optimum cytotoxic concentration of β-Elemene was determined by MTT method. After combining different concentrations of β-Elemene with chemotherapy drugs, the cell death rate was calculated according to the OD values in 24 h, 48 h and 72 h, respectively. The data was analysed using SPSS 13.0. All tests were conducted in triplicate.

Results: The inhibitory effect of β-Elemene combined with VM-26 was relatively stronger under the same condition. But in the different time interval unites the cell death rate showed non-statistics difference between the five different chemotherapy drugs, P>0.05.

Conclusion: Single drug of β-Elemene could induce apoptosis tumor cells to a certain extent, and also there was synergized action combined with chemotherapy drugs; but there were no significant differences between these drugs when combined with β-Elemene.

Author(s): Dan Li, Xueyong Wu, Xiaohua Liang
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